Urban Naturaliste  was started in 2016 by a mother and daughter duo who felt the deep need for healing within communities of color. 


Urban Naturaliste is a multimedia platform for millennials of color to grow, learn and connect with their spirituality and to design digital and physical healing spaces. Our mission is to fill the need for transformational healing and radical self-care in communities of color. We believe that when you heal yourself, you heal those around you and seven generations of your ancestors, which is why we have chosen to target millennials. 

Urban Naturaliste is not just a publishing platform, but a community that takes into account varying aspects of accessibility and strives to be accessible to those who need healing the most.  In a country where people of color are facing racial, gender based, sexual orientation based and religious based violence, the need to heal from these daily traumatic events is more necessary than ever. That is why Urban Naturaliste is inclusive of all gender identities, sexual orientations and ethnicities, but choses to center those which are the most marginalized by society.

As a brand we recognize the power of the written word, which is why we have chosen to focus on designing digital and print informational resources, as well as the in person workshops that we host. We hope to engage a new audience and foster a love for kinetic interaction with print by creating interactive print materials such as tarot cards, illustrated workbooks and ritual guides. 




The Directory

 The Directory is an ever growing, curated lists of healers, initiatives, herbalists and spiritually aligned businesses. It was designed for people to search for what they need, and for healers to find and connect with each other


Ritual Design

Ritual Design is a practice developed by Urban Naturaliste’s creative director as a way to apply design thinking to the way that we approach traditional ritual and creating ritual space while still preserving ancestral traditions. Instructions on how to create a ritual space, resources and research guides. 


Oracle Readings

We provide in-person and distance oracle readings for those seeking spiritual clarity in their life. Email urbanaturaliste@gmail.com for more information. 



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